Plant Rescue Day

Today I went to help rescue some plants from a hotel in downtown Omaha. The nonprofit over the project is called Benson plant rescue and they rescue plants that people or businesses no longer need and keep instead them from winding up in landfills.. Today was a good day because it helped me with my seasonal affective disorder and it helped me get in touch with being around tropical plants and houseplants which normally I'm not that's usually my cup of tea (Actually Moroccan mint tea sounds pretty good right now being that I'm in the middle of a snowstorm). The thought of being able to take care of something that can possibly out live you, is quite interesting. The thought of being able to take care of something that necessarily does not need you, because it's existed longer than your species, is also quite interesting. But knowing that you had a hand in extending it's life,even though it doesn't have emotion, makes us feel some type of way. In a good way. So for those of you who may suffer from S.A.D. go to a nursery, pick up a plant or if you're still afraid of not having a green thumb, go somewhere where you can volunteer to learn how to take care of plants or help somebody. Trust me it's very therapeutic.