about ME

It's Simple. I'm a gardener.

My clients are older gardeners who need physical help and busy homeowners whose lifestyle has taken them away from gardening like they used to. 

Relationships with Clients

I sharpen my gardening skills by learning their techniques.  They understand exactly the amount of work it takes, trust my decisions and appreciate me. 

Do i know Everything? NO

Vegetable Gardening and Trees are not my strong suit. Just being honest.  That's why I have a personal garden mentor, a close friend who is an Arborist and I work part-time at a Nursery.  If you are insistent on having me maintain a vegetable garden, please be willing to be patient as I pick their brains.

over 10 years of gardening experience from :

  • Lauritzen Botanical Gardens
  • Associate at Indian Creek Nursery
  • UNL Douglas County Extension
  • Gardens of Perpetuity Private Gardening Service
  • Private Clients who have bared with me throughout the years